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From Derrick Spell <>
Subject Re: Subroutine Inheritance
Date Wed, 25 May 2005 14:16:55 GMT
>> I want to set up a method accessed from the request object
>> that will allow me the option to create a page title based on
>> the path to the page.  What I was thinking was:
> In your page you say
> [! Execute ({isa => 'title.epl'}) !]
> In your title.epl you say
> [! Execute ({isa => '../title.epl'}) !]
> That should do the the trick of setting up @ISA
> BTW. I would use
> <title>[+ $req->title() +]</title>
> And then return the title string instead of print OUT
> Gerald

I was able to get this working with one minor modification.  I had to  
concatinate the call to $self->SUPER::title() with the title string  
being returned by the function in order to see both.  Otherwise, I  
didn't see the text from the parent method.  i.e., my index.html was:

[! Execute({isa => 'title.epl'}) !]
[! sub title {
     my ($self) = @_;
     $self->SUPER::title() . ' Page'
} !]

This works - but then I realized that if you don't override the title 
() method on the individual pages, then you'll only get the title  
from the base.epl.  It won't print the recursive titles from  
title.epl unless the requested page begins that recursion.  So I  
thought I would reverse my logic a little.  What if the base.epl  
started the recursion on title.epl.  Then if my designers forget to  
add the title() override to their pages (which is highly likely) they  
will still get all titles up to that folder.  Here is what I tried:

[! Execute({isa => 'title.epl'}); !]
[! sub title {
     my ($self) = @_;
     'Base' . $self->SUPER::title()
}; !]

[! sub title { ' : Level 0' }; !]

[! Execute({isa => '../title.epl'}); !]
[! sub title {
     my ($self) = @_;
     $self->SUPER::title() . '' : Level 1'
}; !]

[# Nothing Here! #]

Here, hitting /title.epl stops the recursion rather than /base.epl  
like in my first example.  The only problem is that apparently the  
Execute isa in the base.epl does not have the Embperl::Object  
behavior of looking in the directory of the requested file.  It seems  
to literally be including only the /title.epl because when I request / 
foo/index.html I get the title "Base : Level 0".  Is there anything I  
can do to make the Execute isa in the base.epl actually include the  
title.epl in the requested directory?


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