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From Derrick Spell <>
Subject Re: Embperl_Object_Fallback
Date Mon, 16 May 2005 18:25:27 GMT
>> I'm having some problems setting Embperl_Object_Fallback correctly.
>> What I want to do is allow "virtual urls".  I want to
>> purposely link to urls that do not exist.  These urls would
>> logically reside below a directory called /catalog.  The
>> Embperl fallback file inside /catalog would parse the
>> remainder of the requested url and perform some database
>> access based on which url was requested.  In essence, the
>> fallback file becomes a directory handler.  However, I only
>> want it to handle accesses to directories that are not found.
>>  I was able to tweak my settings to send directory requests
>> to my Embperl fallback, but it is happening even to valid
>> directories.  Any suggestions?  Yes
>> - I could use a query string to produce the same results, but
>> I want to achieve the clean look and feel that the user
>> thinks they are simply navigating a directory structure.  My
>> configuration is below.
> A better way to do this, is to use Embperl application object, e.g.
> Embperl_Object_App
> This should conatain some perl code and a sub init, which is called  
> before
> your pages are requested. You can change the filename and do your  
> database
> accesses herein.
> See eg/web/ for an example

I was able to get this working for me using the application object.   
However, there is one caveat for anyone perusing the archives.   
Rather than a full-fledged virtual url, I am only able to get a  
virtual file.  The directory tree in the url must exist, but not  
necessarily the file.  This makes sense because Embperl::Object needs  
a valid directory structure to traverse in order to find the  
application object file.


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