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From ___cliff rayman___ <>
Subject Re: Embperl not being processed
Date Wed, 25 May 2005 23:05:14 GMT
Derrick Spell wrote:

> Here is the snippet of the page that isn't being processed.  It  
> happens to be the only Embperl on the page:
> <div id="Layer2" style="position:absolute; width:216px; height:26px;  
> z-index:21; left: 23px; top: 905px; visibility: hidden;">
>     [+ $udat{time} +]<br>
>     [+ $udat{pathway} +]<br>[+ $udat{referrer} +]<br>
> </div>

Turn on all the Embperl debugging flags to show everything going on.  
Request the page, then go and turn all of them back off (or your system 
will run slow and the logs will fill fast).  When I have had problems 
like this in the past, the full debugging output, although voluminous, 
always shows me where the problem is since it shows Embperl's evaluation 
of each line and variable.

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