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From RobertCZ <>
Subject Re: Apache::ImageMagick & Apache2/mod_perl2 [ SOLVED ]
Date Mon, 02 May 2005 20:41:38 GMT
Gerald Richter wrote:

>>Well, nobody comments? Does that mean nobody is using AIM? It's great
>>to know I'm the only person using AIM with Embperl2...
>At least I do not use it currently with Apache2 and I don't have enough free
>time to check out where the problem is, also I would like to do so. The free
>time I have is currently used for make Embperl 2 release ready. Afterwards I
>think I can look at Apache::ImageMagic (or if there is a payed project for
>wich I would need it before, since I am doing all new projects with Apache2)

Well, at least three different people asked by email how I solved it, I 
guess some people need it after all... So just for the record, yes, 
Apache::ImageMagick 2.0b7 DOES works for me with Apache2/mod_perl2 
(thanks Stas & other people from mp list), but I didn't release it 
because it's a bit of an ugly hack and I don't claim I understand why or 
how it works... But if you'are desperate enough to try my version, it's 
available upon request

- Robert

>>>>[ ... ]
>>>>>Apache::ImageMagick 20b7 doesn't work with Apache2/modperl2 as
>>>>>Honza reported couple of weeks ago. I am able to run it with
>>>>>Apache::compat and +GlobalRequest, but it is *very* slow. Quick
>>>>>glance at the source give Apache::File as main incompatibility.
>>>>>Apache::porting says

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