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From ___cliff rayman___ <>
Subject Re: How to troubleshoot session handling?
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2005 21:02:19 GMT
allen haim wrote:

>I can see in Mozilla's Cookie Manager that the cookie isn't being set, and I
>am also not getting my values back out of %udat.
try at the linux/unix command line:
wget -S 2>&1 | less

this will show you the server response.  You are looking for a line that 

make sure that the domain is the same as the one you are using and that 
the expiration date makes sense.

If you do not have linux/unix, you will have to use:
telnet 80

and then hand type the request lines:
GET /page.htm HTTP/1.1

this has two new lines after the last command.  scroll-up to review the 

If you do not have a SET-COOKIE line, then look into restart apache and 
look into your logs for an error message on the starting of session 

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