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From RobertCZ <>
Subject Re: Embperl::Mail bug
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2005 10:21:24 GMT
Gerald Richter wrote:

>>OK, now I run it with inputfile => email1.eo / inputfile => 
>>email2.eo and it works, thanks a lot. However, both email?.eo 
>>are identical, I just call them with a modified udat, so it's 
>>not optimal, I need to mainten it twice. Is there a way to 
>>use inputfile/other param to tell Embperl not to use the 
>>cached version? Embperl::Mail::Execute is called with 
>>difeferent 'to', but this doesn't seem to be big enough difference.
>Yes, you can use the mtime parameter. Changing it causes Embperl to
>recompile, setting it to undef, causeing Embperl to always compile.
Setting mtime to undef fixed it, but it didn't work in the beggining - 
this an additional problem I cannot reproduce anymore, maybe the problem 
was that the source file wasn't modified or apache restarted  something 
like that.

>>PS. Somewhere in Readme2, you say optKeepSpaces does work 
>>only from httpd.conf - is there now any way to set it in 
>>Execute? It would be really usefull especially in Embperl::Mail...
>You could also pass it to Execute, you just cannot change it inside the
>page, because at this point parsing (and removing spaces) is already done.
>Anyway optKeepSpaces is on for Embperl::Mail by default

Yes, now it works... I called Execute filename=>... outut => $string 
first, then Embperl::Mail::Execute input => $string so I lost spaces... ;-)

Thanks for your help.

- Robert

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