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From Dirk Melchers <>
Subject Session_mode=2 and UID-inserting
Date Fri, 08 Apr 2005 10:27:11 GMT

the good news: we use Embperl2 :-)

the problem: we need session handling with SESSION_MODE=0x3 
(?EMBPERL_UID=... mode) because a lot of our clients don't accept cookies.

We have to do some caching of the generated HTML-code. The HTML-pages 
are rendered by "Execute"-ing a lot of epl-files. Each Execute does the 
?EMBPERL_UID=XXX inserting, so we could NOT cache the result.
Is it possible to use SESSION_MODE=1 for all Executes, cache the results 
and do a last Execute with SESSION_MODE=3 for the resulting page to 
insert the ?EMBPERL_UID=XXX code?

something like this:

Execute({inputfile=>"render_all.epl", output=>\$out});
Execute({input=>$out, output=>\$realout})
print OUT $realout;

so $out contains for example: href="test.html"
and $realout: href="test.html?EMBPERL_UID=:123455"

Best regards,

Dirk Melchers.

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