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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject RE: Embperl::Mail bug
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2005 04:05:54 GMT

> OK, now I run it with inputfile => email1.eo / inputfile => 
> email2.eo and it works, thanks a lot. However, both email?.eo 
> are identical, I just call them with a modified udat, so it's 
> not optimal, I need to mainten it twice. Is there a way to 
> use inputfile/other param to tell Embperl not to use the 
> cached version? Embperl::Mail::Execute is called with 
> difeferent 'to', but this doesn't seem to be big enough difference.

Yes, you can use the mtime parameter. Changing it causes Embperl to
recompile, setting it to undef, causeing Embperl to always compile.

> - R.
> PS. Somewhere in Readme2, you say optKeepSpaces does work 
> only from httpd.conf - is there now any way to set it in 
> Execute? It would be really usefull especially in Embperl::Mail...

You could also pass it to Execute, you just cannot change it inside the
page, because at this point parsing (and removing spaces) is already done.
Anyway optKeepSpaces is on for Embperl::Mail by default


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