On Wed, 2005-03-02 at 06:47 +0100, Gerald Richter wrote:
> snippet from my apache config:

Do you have a ClearModuleList in your config?

Yes, this is how we've been loading these modules for about 5 years.

AddModule mod_env.c
AddModule mod_log_config.c
AddModule mod_mime.c
AddModule mod_negotiation.c
AddModule mod_status.c
AddModule mod_info.c
AddModule mod_dir.c
AddModule mod_cgi.c
AddModule mod_actions.c
AddModule mod_alias.c
AddModule mod_access.c
AddModule mod_auth.c
AddModule mod_expires.c
AddModule mod_headers.c
AddModule mod_so.c
AddModule mod_setenvif.c
<IfDefine SSL>
AddModule mod_ssl.c
AddModule mod_perl.c

> Is Apache2 the preferred platform for Embperl2 these days?  
> Converting to Apache2/modperl2 would be a much larger project 
> but I'd take a stab at it if it is indeed preferred.

While Apache 2/mod_perl 2 has more possibilities, I personaly keep old
projects on Apache 1 and create new projects on Apache 2.

When Embperl will become thread safe it might be worth migration to Apache 2
for perfomance reasons

Agreed, that is my current plan.



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