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From Dan Wilga <>
Subject RE: Segfault or no content
Date Thu, 10 Mar 2005 14:36:35 GMT
At 2:56 PM +0100 3/10/05, Gerald Richter wrote:
>  >
>>  But that still doesn't explain why EMBPERL_OBJECT_BASE is
>>  being ignored.
>I think it's because the files section is picked up by Apache, while the
>location isn't. Moveing the Embperl_Object_Base to the files section and
>deleteing all but the directoryindex from the location section, should solve
>the problem

No, that didn't help. But what did work was to move it completely 
outside any <File> or <Directory>. See my revised config, below. 

>  > And the DirectoryIndex directive is too, since
>>  it doesn't try to access /lottery/index.epl when I request
>>  just /lottery/. (I checked this with strace, also).
>That's because embperl will be called before mod_dirindex. The above change
>should fix this also

This was fixed. Thanks!

AddType         text/html .epl
LoadModule      embperl_module 
PerlModule      Embperl

<Files *.epl>
   SetHandler    perl-script
   PerlHandler   Embperl::Object
   Options       ExecCGI

<Location /lottery>
   DirectoryIndex index.epl index.html index.shtml default.html blocked.html

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