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From Dan Wilga <>
Subject RE: Segfault or no content
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2005 21:41:11 GMT
At 6:48 AM +0100 3/9/05, Gerald Richter wrote:
>The segfault of the perl-status seems to be a bug in Embperl (I will check
>this later on), but I don't expect that it has something to do with getting
>no content.

OK, thanks.

>I would try
>A) use Embperl configuration directives directly (without setenv and

I tried this, but it didn't help. (See below)

>B) try plain Embperl e.g. PerlHandler Embperl instead of Embperl::Object

That does work, I get output. Of course, it's not the right output, 
because it's not using the wrapper I need it to use.

I think I figured out part of the reason for the problem, though. It 
looks like my EMBPERL_OBJECT_BASE is being ignored. I did an strace 
on httpd, and found that it was trying to access "_base.epl", even 
though I'm telling it to use "hello.epl" as the base:

   stat64("/world/https/lottery/_base.epl", {st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, 
st_size=0, ...}) = 0

It turns out I had a zero-length "_base.epl" in there that it was 
using (which is why I got an empty page). So I removed it and did a:

   ln -s hello.epl _base.epl

and now I get my "Hello World", as expected.

But that still doesn't explain why EMBPERL_OBJECT_BASE is being 
ignored. And the DirectoryIndex directive is too, since it doesn't 
try to access /lottery/index.epl when I request just /lottery/. (I 
checked this with strace, also). In the Apache error log, I get:

   Attempt to serve directory: [path to requested folder]

Here's my new config:

AddType         text/html .epl
LoadModule      embperl_module 
PerlModule      Embperl

<Files *.epl>
   SetHandler    perl-script
   PerlHandler   Embperl::Object
   Options       ExecCGI

<Location /lottery>
   DirectoryIndex index.epl index.html index.shtml default.html blocked.html
   SetHandler    perl-script
   PerlHandler   Embperl::Object
   Options       ExecCGI

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Web Administrator                   
Mount Holyoke College                                Tel: 413-538-3027
South Hadley, MA  01075            "Who left the cake out in the rain?"

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