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From Ed Grimm <>
Subject Re: Calling in known HTML files
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 22:07:16 GMT
On Thu, 17 Mar 2005, Michael Smith wrote:

> How can I tell Embperl that the file I'm including is just HTML?  I
> know there's a way.

Include both Embperl and Apache::SSI in your PerlHandlers for your
pages, and use Apache's include mechanism for your non-Embperl files.
If Apache::SSI is after Embperl, your included files will not be parsed
for Embperl code.  On the other hand, if Embperl is second, they will
be, and I believe Embperl will cache the resulting total by the
timestamp on the main file, and not by the most recent timestamp

I'm not certain on the options you need with this.  I believe you'll
probably want IncludesNoExec; you may need ExecCGI.  It's been a while
since I looked at this.


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