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From Angus Lees <>
Subject Re: $escmode in libraries
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 22:00:16 GMT
At Wed, 16 Mar 2005 20:58:37 -0800, Daniel  wrote:
> Is this what you use? I'm a little curious what others do to easily see
> what variables contain. Maybe there's a good way I'm missing.

I usually have an Embperl sub like this declared somewhere (eg in _base.epl):

[$ sub dump $]
[# may want to shift first arg here if invoking as $epreq->dump(...) #]
[- require Data::Dumper -]
<pre>[+ Data::Dumper::Dumper(@_) +]</pre>
[$ endsub $]

and I just call that from my embperl pages.  Debugging from within
perl libraries I tend to do offline, or just by dumping to stderr
(using warn()) - which turns up in the apache logs.

 - Gus

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