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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject RE: epchar.c.min vs epchar.c.iso-latin-2 question
Date Wed, 22 Dec 2004 11:23:18 GMT
>   I'm trying to get rid of all those [+ do { local $escmode = 
> 0; $x } +] just because $x has some Czech characters. 
> epchar.min.c seems to work OK, but I don't understand 
> relative advatages/disadvanages of epchar.c.min vs. 
> epchar.c.iso-latin-2 ... Can some please explain what I'm 
> loosing when I use min instead of iso-lain-2? My pages happen 
> to be in win1250 so I could write my own epchar.c.win1250 but 
> why bother if min works right and there is no hidden catch I 
> cann't think of right now?

It will work correctly as long as you set the correct charset in the http
headers and the clients knows this charset.

Having all this html escapes like &uuml; , make the page independed of the
support for the charset of the client (of course the client needs to have at
least to know how to display the corresponding charaters)


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