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From RobertCZ <>
Subject Re: Embperl bug: syntax parametr in Execute not working
Date Wed, 24 Nov 2004 23:06:51 GMT
Gerald Richter wrote:

>>  when I put [$ Syntax EmbperlBlocks $] in the executed file, 
>>it works as expected but when I try to set syntax in base 
>>file as a parametr in Execute call, Embperl fails with 
>>        Endtag '/table' doesn't match starttag 'tr'
>>  I tested syntax => 'Text', it does the same thing.
>>base file
>>[- Execute({ inputfile => '*', syntax => 'EmbperlBlocks' }) -]
>This is not a bug, it's a little bit different for '*', because this file is
>preloaded by Embperl::Object, to be able to call methods inside the file,
>before the actual file is executed.
>So you could only set EMBPERL_SYNTAX in the httpd.conf or use [$ syntax $]. 
>The other possibility is to use an application object and override the
>method get_receipe. See eg/web/ for an example.

Aha. Thanks for the explanation. Now I see I don't use automatic tables 
all that often but I would miss automatic input/select initalization. I 
guess I'll have to built my own syntax equivalent to 1.3 
optDisableTableScan option, put it in httpd.conf and some stuff will 
break anyway... Well I kew that, didn't I? Sigh ;-)

- Robert

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