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From RobertCZ <>
Subject Re: AIM/mp2 Apache::compat bug?
Date Tue, 23 Nov 2004 16:31:24 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:

>RobertCZ wrote:
>>RobertCZ wrote:
>>>I'm playing with Apache::ImageMagick under mod_perl 2 and
>>>Apache::compat (mainly because AIM needs Apache::File which is not
>>>supported under mp2). AIM/mp2 returns the correct modified file but
>>>with wrong file size (size of the original file, not the modified
>>>one). It does work under mod_perl 1, could this be Apache::compat bug?
>>>If yes, any idea how it could  fixed? 
>>Well, now I got rid of Apache::compat (changed Apache::File to
>>FileHandle/File::Temp) and I got the same problem, so Apache::compat is
>>innocent Could it be that PerlFixupHandler in mp2 needs to set length
>>manually when it's different from the original file while mp1
>>recalculates it automaticaly? Thanks for your help.
>well, you message is sufficiently vague since I don't have the
>Apache::ImageMagick code handy :)
>but I suspect that you mean that the module sets $r->filename and with mp1
>the new filename's stat info is updated, but with mp2 it is not?  if so,
>yes, this is proper - mp1 did magic behind the scenes for you.
>with mp2 you need to update the stat info yourself each time you update
>$r->filename. something like this:
>  $r->filename($newfile);
>  $r->finfo(APR::Finfo::stat($newfile, APR::FINFO_NORM, $r->pool));

Yes, you're answering exactly the question I was trying to ask ;-) Thank 
a lot.

- Robert

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