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From RobertCZ <>
Subject Two questions
Date Sun, 21 Nov 2004 21:44:05 GMT

*  I'm porting some old pages to Embperl2 and I have noticed the 
following difference: When ... img src=tst.gif ... is not quoted, 
Emperl2 generates ... img src tst.gif ... (without =) and breaks all 
images and links. I know it's incorrect not to escape parameter values 
in HML, but it use to work in Embperl 1 and now it's just a nuissance. 
Could it be put back please?

* When _app.eo (Embperl_Object_App) is not found in current directory, 
Embperl doesn't seem to use _app.eo found in a directory above - I had 
impression it is supposed to work in the same way as _base.eo? Am I 
supposed to copy _app.eo all over the place or it's just a bug?


- Robert

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