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From Stefan Cars <>
Subject Re: Sessions get mixed up ?
Date Tue, 16 Nov 2004 10:40:37 GMT
Gerald Richter wrote:
>>How hard would it be to change the code to use a SHA or SSHA 
>>hash instead?  (Admittedly, I'm picking a more 
>>cryptographically secure hash at psuedo-random; there may be 
>>one that's more appropriate.)  Note that I realize they take 
>>longer to generate, but that time only happens at login, not 
>>per page view, and it should reduce the hash collision rate 
> It is very simple to change the code. Apache::Session is very modular, so
> you can specify whihg Generator to use. Go to the Apache::Session source and
> take a look at
> Session/Generator/
> Create a new similar module with your desired alogrithem and specify it as
> Generatior in the Embperl config


How would you change the Embperl config accordingly.

Kind Regards,
Stefan Cars

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