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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject RE: Two questions
Date Wed, 24 Nov 2004 20:23:11 GMT
> *  I'm porting some old pages to Embperl2 and I have noticed 
> the following difference: When ... img src=tst.gif ... is not quoted,
> Emperl2 generates ... img src tst.gif ... (without =) and 
> breaks all images and links. I know it's incorrect not to 
> escape parameter values in HML, but it use to work in Embperl 
> 1 and now it's just a nuissance. 
> Could it be put back please?

Go to Embperl/Syntax/ line 364 and add . and / to the character
string. Does this solve your problem?

> * When _app.eo (Embperl_Object_App) is not found in current 
> directory, Embperl doesn't seem to use _app.eo found in a 
> directory above - I had impression it is supposed to work in 
> the same way as _base.eo? Am I supposed to copy _app.eo all 
> over the place or it's just a bug?

It searches the same path as for other files. That is a little bit
different, as it by default only searches up to the directory where the base
template is found. If you want it to search it upper directories also you
have to give EMBPERL_STOP_DIR in your httpd.conf


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