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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject RE: UTF-8 (was: ANNOUNCE: Embperl 2.0rc2)
Date Wed, 24 Nov 2004 07:38:54 GMT
> First thanks for rc2! Long time no new release ;-(

The relase was ready for a long time, but I wanted to have the CGI tests in
places and they behaved always a little different, with different Apache
versions and OS... 

> Now the 'bug' report ;-|
> I use UTF-8 since two weeks (and I REALLY like it! Everything 
> works much better than latin1) so I had to rename 
> epchar.c.min to epchar.c before compilation.
> This results in make test failing in the fourth test (because 
> it checks escaping which the epchar.c.min doesn't do).

Yes, I know that.

> I have a search page which uses a form to pass the search 
> string to the result page.
> UTF-8 passed chars weren't converted to uppercase with uc(), 
> all other chars were...
> After hours of reading perl docs about UTF-8 I found out that 
> vars have an UTF-8 yes/no flag (which seemes not to be set for $fdat).

Yes, Embperl should look at the headers of the posted data and as far as
these information is available set the UTF-8 flag.

> It would be better for newbies if perl asks for 
> UTF-8 and use epchar.c.min for the compile instead of epchar.c.
> OR (which would be the best approach in my opinion):
> Make it configurable (per virtual host?!).

Again I agree, but I have decided to first release 2.0 and add real UTF-8
support afterwards.

I also have an application that uses UTF-8 and Embperl, so you can be sure I
will add UTF-8 support, since I personally need it.

The only things that holds me back from releaseing 2.0 at the moment, is
that I need to do a lot of documentation  cleanups before....


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