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From Eric Freed <>
Subject intermittent %udat problems
Date Fri, 12 Nov 2004 14:34:21 GMT
I have been struggling with a %udat problem for a while without luck. I
am using %udat to store user id's when a user is logs on, and then
testing for the ID in later pages. However, it only works, 50% of the
time. I can log in, and look a a few pages, then I get a not-logged-in
error. If I reload, I am OK for a page or two before getting the next
log-logged-on error. I suspect there is a problem with caching or
closure (based on previous discussions on this list), but I don't see it
where the problem is. 

Here is some code: 

On pages that need a log in, I do this:

    [- Execute ('require-login.epl') -]

and here is require-login.epl:

    [$ if $udat{uid} $]

        [- $user = App::Data::Users->retrieve(uid=>$udat{uid}); 
           # using Class::DBI

    <P> You are logged in as [+ $user->firstname +]
        [+ $user->lastname +] </P>

    [$ else $]

    [-  $r = shift;

    [-  $http_headers_out{'Location'} =
        "login-fail.html" -]

    [$ endif $]


Eric Freed
IT Manager
New Rochelle Radiology
914-633-7700 x339

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