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From Daniel Brooks <>
Subject Re: DBIx::Recordset - problem with !Tables and !TabJoin
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2004 10:56:04 GMT
Gerald Richter wrote:

>>I'm using DBIx::Record set to great effect, but I've 
>>discovered a bug which annoys me. An SQL statement with joins 
>>in it doesn't need to name any tables, but if I leave out the 
>>!Tables parameter it produces a statement like 'SELECT * 
>>FROM', which the server rightly rejects with an error. I'd 
>>like it to look for a !TabJoin (or other parameters that make 
>>it use a join) and not generate an invalid statement when 
>>they're present but !Tables is not. As it is, it doesn't 
>>matter what I put in !Tables beccause it's not used.
>DBIx::Recordset needs both the !Table and the !TabJoin parameter. Also it
>might work in some cases with the wrong name in !Table, it will mostly not
>work. The reason why both are needed is that otherwise DBIx::Recordset would
>need to parse the !TabJoin parameter to get the names  of all involved

What is it doing with the table names in this case? Is it only working 
in this case because I'm not selecting a field from any of the tables? 
So far the only time I've needed to use joins I've just needed a boolean 
true instead of a field.

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