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From RobertCZ <>
Subject Re: ANNOUNCE: DBIx::Recordset 0.26
Date Mon, 25 Oct 2004 08:30:20 GMT
Gerald Richter wrote:

>After a long time were I didn't have time to working on DBIx::Recordset I
>now at least fixed the problem with Perl 5.8, so it can be used also with
>the actual Perl.
>Since Terrence is currently the owner on CPAN I cannot upload it the CPAN,
>so until I get the owernership again, it can be found here

trying to install a new system, 0.26 make test with latest 
postgres/dbi/dbd returns 1 error

Search with subexpr...                 ERROR in Search with subexpr
Got too many rows (got 12, expected 6)

is it a known bug or should i look into it?

- robert

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