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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject RE: cookie-less sessions..
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2004 05:00:57 GMT

> I have tried 
> setting EMBPERL_SESSION_MODE 0x21 but this just doesn't do 
> it, for some reason it seems to generate a new session_id 
> everytime I visit the page,

Yes, when %sdat is used it generate a new session by design, because %sdat
keeps history. To pass the session id as a paramter in the url you need to
set the session mode to 2 (smodeUdatParam). That puts the id for %udat into
the url as additional parameter.

> the second problem is that we 
> have some annoying javascripts and redirects 
> ($http_headers_out) the SDatparam doesn't work with.

For this you have to put the current session id into the url you are using
on your own.
Use $epreq -> session_id to get the current session id.

> So what 
> we want is probably smodeUDatUrl, which isn't implemented 
> yet.

That, of course would handle both of your cases, without the need to pass
the session id anywhere.

> Gerald, what is the status of this ?

Sorry, no work is done on that yet.

> Maybe we could hire 
> you for that implementation 

Yes, if you like you could hire me to implement this.

> or is there any other ways to 
> solve this problem ?

See above.


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