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From Ben Kim <>
Subject Re: pdf generation
Date Tue, 28 Sep 2004 14:24:01 GMT

Thanks for the advice. I ended up removing authentication code from the
page to generate pdf with htmldoc. It gave a few warnings about table
being too wide, but worked OK.
I'll try the pdf module some time later.


Ben Kim
Database Developer/Systems Administrator
College of Education 
Texas A&M University

On Wed, 22 Sep 2004, Angus Lees wrote:

> At Mon, 20 Sep 2004 09:54:29 -0500 (CDT), Ben Kim wrote:
> > I'd like to learn what people use to generate pdf files. I want to
> > create pdf from an epl page, with all data from the database.
> Many ways of doing this, depending on what quality/complexity of
> output you require and what tools you are more familiar with.
> In the past, I've generated (large) LaTeX files from perl and run
> pdflatex over them and slurped the PDF back in.  Mostly similar
> methods exist for many other (non-perl) typesetting systems like troff
> or XSLT-FO-based tools like FOP (as Luiz mentioned) or passivetex.
> The slight advantage of the XSLT-FO based tools from the Embperl point
> of view, is that you can use Embperl to generate the XML input without
> having to write a new Embperl syntax.
> At the simpler end of the spectrum are several perl modules on CPAN.
> A quick search on turned up high level modules
> like PDF::Template or PDF::Report and other tools that require some
> PDF knowledge like Text::PDF, PDF::Reuse, PDF::Create or PDF::API2
> I guess POD format and Pod::pdf, pod2latex|pdflatex or
> pod2man|groff -Tps|ps2pdf would also give you a way to generate PDF
> from a simple intermediate markup language (no tables unfortunately).
> There are also several methods of turning HTML into PDF.  If one of
> these tools can generate acceptable output then that might be an easy
> route for you to take if you are unfamiliar with other markup
> languages.
> If I needed to generate PDF again, I'd probably go with ConTeXt
> (like LaTeX but not) and either a custom Embperl syntax or even try
> ConTeXt's XML-input features.  I'd do this almost entirely because I
> am already familiar with (and like) working with ConTeXt -- it is
> unlikely to be the easiest solution for your needs.
> -- 
>  - Gus
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