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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject RE: Weird session problems
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2004 03:37:16 GMT

> I have a problem which may be related to sessions, I don't 
> know if this has anything todo with SessionX / Embperl or 
> what is causing this problem.
> The thing is we get alot of reports from a website that 
> people suddenly get other peoples profiles etc. when they 
> have loggon using their own credentials. So first it seemed 
> they have logged on OK but when going somewhere like "Update 
> profile" they get other peoples information. Is there anyone 
> that knows anything about this ?

Could you enable the debugging for Session handling (i.e. dbgSession in
EMBPERL_DEBUG). Then you should see the session ids in the log file. The
interesting question would be if the session id for one person (which is
send, received or generated) changes.

The other possible issue is that the cookie is not set, because of a path or
domain name issue. Did you set EMBPERL_COOKIE_PATH to / and in case you
change host names or port numbers during one session also



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