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From "Daniel Lenski" <>
Subject questions from a new Embperl user
Date Fri, 24 Sep 2004 17:39:07 GMT
Hi, I have been using embperl a few weeks.  I created a trip organizing site for a sports club
that I'm in (

I am trying to clean up the code and I had a few questions:
(1) what's the best place to store DB username/password?  right now I have it hardcoded into
the perl code and this is both unmaintainable and a security hazard I think.  I was thinking
maybe each html file should start off with [- require '' -] or something like that
to get information that all the scripts use collectively.  Maybe there's a better way?
(2) what's the preferred way to do persistent database connections?  there seem to be many
modules for that.

Thanks for your help.  I love Embperl, by the way, it is so much better than plain old cgi
scripts :-)


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