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From Hans de Groot <>
Subject httpd stalling.
Date Wed, 15 Sep 2004 07:05:58 GMT

I have a problem (for quite some time now).

I am not sure it is caused by Embperl.

Every now and then the httpd stops responding.
Anyway I have 2 seperate apache's running on one box.
One apache is configured for Embperl 1.3x and the other for embperl 2.x
Since I had "page cannot be displayed/segfault 11" problems with 1.3 I slowly
moving sites to embperl 2.x when I have the time.

what happens is that suddenly the webserver does not respond anymore, it accepts
the connection, but then nothing happens anymore. when I try an other site
running on the other webserver (with embperlpages) it does not respond either.

When I request a static html page, this is being server normally.

(I had this same problem a long time on other hardware useing redhat 6.2 on
several servers, but at that time I thought it was my script getting into an
invinite loop or something.)

The embperlpages use mysql. It seems there is something wrong with the
connection to mysql. The only thing I can do is a httpd restart and it works
again. I have been looking at the weblogs and message logs and all kinds of
other ways to try to discover what is causing this but I cannot find anything.

Now I read something a few days ago about a "sql server has gone away" message.
But this was for a php script.

Could it be that something similar happens to empperl but that it does not see

bwt when the httpd servers are stuck, I tried restarting mysqld but that does
not sove the problem. I really need to restart httpd to get things running

And the wierd part is but apache's are always stuck at the same time while they
are different version and one is "clean and only configured to use emperl, most
of the other modules are disabled"

The other one is a "normal" redhat 7.2 configuration.

I have made a script that pulls a page from the database using wget to test if
apache is still running, if not it restarts, but this is rather bad solution.

Even though it does not happen very often it's very irritating.

So does some one have any tips on how to solve this problem? Or kwows what is
causing this?


Hans de Groot

Met vriendelijke groet,

Hans de Groot

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