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From Ryan C. Spaulding <>
Subject ENV problems when upgrading to Apache2.0
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2004 22:58:39 GMT

Sorry for my lack of Embperl knowledge but I am a system administrator 
that had to take over some code. I recently upgraded Apache from 1.3.x 
to 2.0.46 and now the REMOTE_USER environment variable is not getting 
set. Currently I am running Embperl version 1.3.4 as a cgi. I did a 
couple of test printing out the whole contents of $ENV and it looks 
like REMOTE_USER is the only thing not getting propagated in the 
Embperl script. I created a perl program to do the same thing and it 
seems to work fine that way. Looking at the log files it seems that 
with Embperl running as a cgi the request is actually a redirect. Is 
there an option I can give to Embperl or Apache to redirect the 
REMOTE_USER variable as well?

Thank you for any help,

Ryan Spaulding

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