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From Angus Lees <>
Subject Call for last minute Debian libembperl-perl testing
Date Mon, 16 Aug 2004 04:13:21 GMT
Gerald has fixed the memory corruption that caused "make test" to spin
on ia64 and alpha :)

I have uploaded a new version of libembperl-perl incorporating these
changes (2.0b12dev1-1).  More interestingly, I've also built this
version with Apache2/mod_perl2 support (as well as Apache1/mod_perl1 -
it uses some bootstrap magic to choose the right .so) and added some
embperl.conf/embperl.load files for the Debian Apache2
"a2enmod/a2dismod" commands.

If you have an interest in having Embperl2 work "out of the box" in
the upcoming Debian release, *please* give this a quick test
(particularly the Apache2 bits) and notify me of any problems you
encounter using the "reportbug" command.  The cutoff for me to upload
new packages and still have them make the release is tomorrow, so make
it quick ;)

 - Gus

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