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From "Hartmaier Alexander" <>
Subject escmode problems
Date Mon, 05 Jul 2004 16:39:10 GMT
Hi list!


I've installed a new server for my embperl application and the escaping doesn't work ;-(

My page edit-record.epl shows data from a given oracle database table and primary key and
updates this when pressing the 'Update' submit button.

On the old server (debian 3.0 unstable) everything works as expected, on the new one (whitebox
3.0 which is a free, recompiled redhat advanced server 3.0) it doesn't.


This are the logs from my webserver:

OLD: - cop [05/Jul/2004:18:36:21 +0200] "GET /edit-record.epl?FK_RADACCESSTYPE=2&FK_DIVISION=118&RADUSERNAME=username&PASSWORD=password&ORIG_PASSWORD=origpass&STATICIP=
HTTP/1.1" 301 547


NEW: - cop [05/Jul/2004:18:29:10 +0200] "GET /edit-record.epl?FK_RADACCESSTYPE=2&FK_DIVISION=118&RADUSERNAME=username&PASSWORD=password&ORIG_PASSWORD=origpass&STATICIP=
HTTP/1.1" 301 671


As you can see 'Hofmühlgasse' gets escaped as 'Hofm%FChlgasse' on the old server. On the
new one 'Hofm%C3%BChlgasse' which is absolutely wrong!


I think I drop redhat again after waiting for 6 (SIX!!!) month to get the GD::Graph segfault
fixed (which occurred because of a symbol conflict with php).


Any ideas? I tried every $escmode embperl provides and none helped!


THX Alex

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