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From "Andrew O'Brien" <Andrew.O'>
Subject RE: Apache virtulahosts sharing modules
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2004 07:45:24 GMT

> From: Steve Wilder [] 
> Subject: Apache virtulahosts sharing modules
>   Hello, all.
>   I'm using Apache 1.3.29 and  Embperl 1.3.6
> I've got two Apache Virtualhosts: www.benwilder, and 
> Both sites have a "test1.phtml" which looks like this:
> ----------------------------
> [! use test1; !]
> [+ test1::whereami() +]<br>
> ----------------------------
> Both sites have a file which sits in their Document Root

This causes issues within mod_perl. Mod_perl caches things based on
namespace, just like perl, so eventually you get the case where the
module is not reloaded and you have sync issues.

> The problem is that if I reload one or the other enough 
> times, it will 
> begin using the other sites!  I need each site to 
> only use it's 
> own
> If I restart Apache, the problem goes away for a time, but will come 
> back if I reload one or the other enough times.
> BTW: In my httpd.conf, I set "PerlSetEnv PERL5LIB" in the VirtualHost 
> directive to its own Document Root.
> How do I lock each VirtualHost to it's own module?

I have never found a really nice way to get around this issue - perhaps
others have. Occasionally I have resorted to Apache::PerlVINC
( but this removes all the
caching speedups you get with mod_perl by unloading the modules at the
end of every request. Even then I've found cases where non-cleaned-up
references cause unloads to fail and you end up with sync issues again.

Your best bet is to have site-specific information set up at the embperl
request level. Ie have constants/whatever initialised in base files
rather than having that kind of logic in the modules.

Anyone have other ideas?



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