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From John Gibbons <>
Subject Re: Problems with Embperl and AIX 5.2
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2004 20:02:54 GMT
Gerald Richter wrote:

>>I was wondering, if anyone might know of another perl module that also
>>links to C like Embperl that I could attempt to compile? If I can get
>>that to work then it probably isn't a problem with having the wrong
>>dynamic loader. But if it is then I might be able to get some support
>>from IBM on this.
>For example most DBD drivers link against C.
>XML::LibXML is another example. There are many more on CPAN.
I'm beginning to think this might be a mod_perl problem and not strictly 
Embperl. ldd reports that mod_perl is also missing a couple of 
libraries, and Embperl compiles and runs just fine stand-alone (outside 
of mod_perl). mod_perl DOES seem to work, but I've not tested it beyond 
printing out ENV variables. I think it might be a case that mod_perl is 
working because it hasn't had cause to call the missing libraries. But 
Embperl is getting upset by it just the same. As I said before I'm no C 
programmer so I could be totally wrong, but that's the working theory so 

Having said all that, I'm still going to try and build a couple of the 
modules you mentioned just to see. I'll report back if I have any 
success so this can find it's way into the Google geek consciousness. :-)


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