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From "John P. Gibbons" <>
Subject Embperl 2.0 segmentation fault on apachectl configtest
Date Mon, 19 Jul 2004 18:03:54 GMT

  I recently installed Embperl 2.0b11 to experiment with it and have 
encountered the apachectl configtest segmentation fault that others have 
mentioned. Gerald, you said (in a list post from October 2002):

 >You can savely ignore this. Run the tests with
 >make test TESTARGS="-i"
 >and you should see only test failures for pod test and only problems with
 >spaces, which doesn't matter.
 >> I did make install anyway. Now `*apachectl* *configtest*` gives 
 >> fault. The culprit is "PerlModule Embperl"
 >I have seen this once in the past on windows when installing Apache as a
 >service. Seems to be a problem that mod_perl is not fully initialized 
 >doing the syntax check. As far as I can tell (and Andre also says) it 
 >work with no problems.
 >I will have a look at both problems before the next beta

I also get this when I do an apachectl restart, but a stop and then 
start works, and Embperl 2.0 seems to be ok. Has there been any progress 
on this? I'm not really comfortable with it not working properly. Of 
course 2.0 is still beta, so I'm not complaining! :-)

Speaking of that, it's been several months since the last 2.0 release. 
Does that mean that we're close to a real 2.0 final? Or have you just 
been busy Gerald?


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