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From Andreas Rieke <>
Subject Headers for dynamic tables
Date Sun, 18 Jul 2004 06:51:23 GMT
Hi there,

in version 1.3.6, HTML::Embperl was able to build dynamic tables with 
headers, for example, have a look at the following code:

[* @arr=(1,2,3); *]
[- $tabmode=17; -]
[- $maxrow=1000; -]


<TABLE border=1>
<TR><TD>[+ $arr[$row] +]</TD></TR>


In the latest version 2.0b11, the same code leads to a table where we 
have the header row for each line, that means, we get a header, then the 
first line, the next header, then the second line, and so on. Tables 
with this structure do not look too good, but I have attached both of 
them, just have a look.

Is this a bug or is it a feature? Is there any workaround to get the old 
tables with the new Embperl? Or is it possible to run the 1.3.6 Embperl 
with apache and mod_perl in version 2?

Thanks for any ideas,



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