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From "John P. Gibbons" <>
Subject Is there a point in using the request object for db connections when using Apache::DBI?
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2004 22:07:30 GMT
I was reading this article: and of course this 
mailing list and have seen reference to people using the $req object to 
have one database connection.

On my sites I did not do it that way. I use Apache::DBI to handle the 
DBI connection issue and do a separate connects  in my base.html and in 
all other referenced Embperl files/code. Apache::DBI of course makes 
sure we really only have one connection per httpd, as you all know.

I was wondering if there is any benefit or reason to use the request 
object method in my scenario? I'm looking at ways to optimize my code as 
it has grown dramatically and this has been in the back of my mind for 
awhile. I remember reading something that in order to give db access to 
an include embperl file with only subroutines you'd have to use that 
method. But I can't recall now. I was also thinking that there are cases 
when I call .epl files directly and do not want them wrapped in 
base.html. If I were to use the request object method then I would 
either be out of luck or would have to code around it somehow.

I think I've made a lot of mistakes in the techniques I've used to 
develop my core site software and I'd like to correct them.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

What's more, is this the appropriate place for these sorts of questions? 
I have an interest in discussing Embperl with other developers who are 
actually making websites and learning about how they did things, etc. 
All I usually see on the list are tech support related discussions. If 
this is the wrong place for that, is there another list or site that 
might be better? If not would it be at all interesting if someone 
started one? I'd be open minded to that as a side project. I already 
have a complete content management system and community (with forums, 
user profiles, etc) all written in Embperl. So I could do it in short order.


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