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From Angus Lees <>
Subject Re: [Bug] Compile errors with 1.3.6 + threaded perl version 5.8.x on various platforms
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2004 22:08:10 GMT
At Thu, 10 Jun 2004 12:14:09 +0200, Gerald Richter wrote:
> > I tried to compile HTML::Embperl-1.3.6 on various platforms with Perl
> > version 5.8.x and it looks like Embperl has problems with threaded perl.

Take a look at the patches in my libhtml-embperl-perl Debian package -
that works against the (threaded) Debian perl-5.8.3.  If you are on a
non-Debian system, look for the newest libhtml-embperl-perl*.diff.gz
file in <nearest debian mirror>/pool/main/libh/libhtml-embperl-perl/

Embperl 1.3 won't actually work *with* threads, but should work fine
with a perl compiled with thread support.

 - Gus

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