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From Dan Manley <>
Subject errors handling in HTML::Embperl::Mail
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2004 15:34:03 GMT

I'm using embperl 1.3.6 on RedHat linux 9 with Apache 1.3.31 with 
mod_perl 1.29.  I'm encountering some strange behaviour with the mailing 
package.  I have an embperl file calling a method in a package I'm 
written.  This method does some work (processes a credit-card payment) 
and returns the results as a hash reference.  Then the .epl does a 
little more work and calls HTML::Embperl::Mail::Execute() to send a 
notice to the customer.

The strangeness I'm seeing is that the HTML::Embperl::Execute() called 
inside HTML::Embperl::Mail::Execute() successfully parses and rendered 
the email template but returns a non-empty errors array with a string 
identical to a warn debugging message issued in the credit card 
processing package.   If I comment out the warn statements in the 
package, the mailer works.  How is it that Embperl (in the C code?) has 
access to the warn message and uses it to claim an error message?


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