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From Terrence Brannon <>
Subject Re: Problem with DBIx-Recordset-0.25a
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2004 00:12:36 GMT
Robert Bruccoleri wrote:

>Dear Terrence,
>	I'm trying to get DBIx-Recordset-0.25a to build and test on an
>SGI ALTIX. It's failing right after the "Select with sub table..." test.
>Diagnostic output follows. If you need more information to suggest a solution,
>please let me know. Thanks. --Bob

>DB:  SelectWhere <!DataSource>=<DBIx::Recordset=HASH(0x6000000000a39d70)>
type = !
>DB:  FLUSH Recordset id = 61  DBIx::Recordset=HASH(0x6000000000a4a2d0) 
>DB:  'SELECT * FROM dbixrs4 WHERE   (  (id = ?))      ' bind_values=<2> bind_types=<4>
>DB:  Row::FETCH subid = <*DBIx::Recordset::newself>
>Can't upgrade that kind of scalar at line 87.

We've all seen problem similar to this recently. This is not really a 
Recordset error as much as a shortcoming of more recent Perls. Recordset 
makes heavy use of typeglobs and what used to be acceptable behavior now 
throws the error shown.

You really should have no practical problems with common uses of Recordset.

I am no longer the maintainer of Recordset. There is no current 
maintainer besides the original author.

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