OK, it seems File::Temp should be used instead of Apache::File. Now, another problem: handler doesn't parse query string args: Right after handler start, I dump $r->args into error log:

with apache2

$VAR1 = 'width=90&height=60';

with apache1

$VAR1 = 'width';
$VAR2 = '90';
$VAR3 = 'height';
$VAR4 = '60';
 This seems to be the biggest problem, the rest seems to be working...

I guess handler has to be declared differently or do I have to parse query string manually? Please help

- R.

Robert Germic wrote:
Apache::ImageMagick 20b7 doesn't work with Apache2/modperl2 as Honza reported couple of weeks ago. I am able to run it with Apache::compat and +GlobalRequest, but it is *very* slow. Quick glance at the source give Apache::File as main incompatibility. Apache::porting says

mod_perl 2.0 API doesn't include package 'Apache::File'. The package 'Apache::File' has moved to 'Apache::Response' 'Apache::RequestRec'

 but I don't see anything like Apache::File->new, Apache::File->tmpfile in those modules. Could somebody help?