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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject Re: Is DBIx::Recordset unmaintained ?
Date Thu, 13 May 2004 06:54:16 GMT
> I've met a problem with DBIx::Recordset (reported to this list March
> 12, 2004).
> Since then, Terrence Brannon has declared that he doesn't have time to
> maintain the project.
> So now I have some code that only works with a local patched version
> of DBIx::Recordset, a situation I don't like. Primarily because I
> can't publish Freemoney with that kind of limitation.
> So what's happening to DBIx::Recordset ?

If nobody else take it, I will take it back.

At the momet I don't have much time for it, because I use all the time to
get Embperl relase ready.

I am not quite sure in which timeframe something will be happeing, but
DBIx::Recordset is not dead.

The development model I would like most, is that there are more people
contributing and commiting (we have setup a svn repository already) so I am
not the bottleneck.


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