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From "Doug Rayner" <>
Subject Problems with multiple sessions in Netscape Navigator
Date Fri, 28 May 2004 19:22:52 GMT
We would like to let a single desktop user to have multiple, concurrent,
independent sessions to our application.

If the browser of choice is Internet Explorer (V6.x at least), this seems
possible.  While the session cookies all have the same name, the browser
seems to keep the separate across separate windows.

If the browser of choice is Netscape Navigator (V7.1 at least), it seems
there can only be one value for the named session cookie.  Independent
windows seem to all be part of the same session.

Has anyone else encountered this?  Any ideas on how to make NN allow
multiple sessions? I've looked all over the NN preferences settings and
can't see any options to control this behavior...

Thanks and regards,

Doug Rayner
Senior System Architect
Savicom: Next Generation eMail Marketing
(415) 617-9006

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