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From "Doug Rayner" <>
Subject Problem with <textarea> and output escape mode?
Date Thu, 06 May 2004 21:42:04 GMT
We are using Embperl::Object V2.0b10

There seems to be a problem with output escaping and <textarea>.  If we let
the engine insert the text from %fdat, it seems to always use XML output
escaping.  If we provide the text explicitly, it seems to work fine.

For exmple, this works fine, and does HTML escaping as expected:

[- $escmode = 3; -]
<textarea name="foobar" rows="5" cols="80" wrap="off">[+ $fdat{foobar}
[- $escmode = 0; -]

This does not work:

[- $escmode = 3; -]
<textarea name="foobar" rows="5" cols="80" wrap="off"></textarea>
[- $escmode = 0; -]

In the later case, if the value in $fdat{foobar} is:

  "<html><body>Don't go there!</body></html>"

the following is output:

  "&lt;html&gt;&lt;body&gt;Don&apos;t go there!&lt;/html&gt;&lt;/body&gt;"

Even if $escmode is set to zero!

Thanks and regards,

Doug Rayner
Senior System Architect
Savicom: Next Generation eMail Marketing
(415) 617-9006

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