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From Hoenie Luk <>
Subject Re: $fdat not working when using POST
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2004 19:44:37 GMT
Hello Dan,

I was the original author of that message.

It turned out that there was a hidden .htaccess file in my /www directory. 
In that file, there is a line that forbid submitting by POST. Once a delete 
the .htaccess file, POSTing worked again.

I did not put the .htaccess file there -- that's why I was surprised to 
find it there. Looking through the .htaccess file, it appeared to be 
related to Frontpage server extension. I think it was one of the tons of 
files that were put there by my web host when I asked to have Frontpage 
server extension set up.

I hope this is the same situation for you, although it may be a long shot.

Keep us posted as to your resolution to this problem.


At 10:53 AM 4/20/2004 -0400, Dan Manley wrote:
>Hi Gerald,
>I am writing in reference to the problem stated above in some emails from 
>early in 2003.  The last message I found on the list was this: 
>What was the resolution to this problem?  I seem to be encountering the 
>same thing with Apache 1.3.29, mod_perl 1.28 and Embperl 
>2.0b11  ---  forms submitted via post don't get put into %fdat.  Can you 
>help me?

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