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From Michael Stepanov <>
Subject Re: How to flush output buffers?
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2004 14:29:18 GMT
Gerald Richter wrote:

Thanks a lot, Gerald.

> What I do is to add a <meta equiv="refresh" content="3;....."> which will
> refresh the page any n seconds and display a status. Of course in this 
> case
> you need to run your task in background.
> The other possbility is to display a text like "Please wait..." and do a
> meta refresh at the _end_ of the page with time 0. On the page you 
> load yo
> do no output and run your long task. The browser will display the 
> previous
> page until it sees new output.
But I've implemented other solution.  I call wait page with specified 
arguments instead
of calling a target script. That page displays some helpful message (and 
user sees it
immediately), parses input arguments (the target script name should be 
pass as one of \
arguments), builds new request row and  does  redirect  to  the  target  
script which
execute long running operation.

So, user sees wait message while that operation is running. Then when 
operation returns
results and result page is generated, user can see results the long 
running operation.


Best regards, 
Michael Stepanov,
Perl/Linux Developer 
Francoudi & Stephanou Ltd.

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