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From "Beau E. Cox" <>
Subject Segfaults
Date Fri, 23 Apr 2004 22:21:17 GMT

I have two 'identical' boxes, one test, one production,

 Linux 2.6.6-rc1
 gcc 3.3.3
 glibc 2.3.2
 perl 5.8.4 (new last night)
 Apache 2.1 cvs
 mod_perl 2 cvs
 libapreq2 cvs
 Embperl cvs

The test server works flawlessly. The production server
segfault(11)s at the end (all output is properly received
by the browser) of requests to Embperl pages (not the first
request to a page and then randomly after that). I constructed
a simple simple page for testing that segfaults:

<html> <head>
<title>Embperl test</title>
<h1>Embperl test</h1>
<p>2 + 2 = [+ 4 +].</p>
</body> </html>

I have re-installed EVERYTHING on both servers (including perl
and all CPAN modules). Segfaults still on production only. I have
screwed up in some way.

Now I want to look at a core dump, but I can't find one. So ?s:

1) are core dumps automatically generated by seqfaults? If not,
how do I have Apache generate them?

2) where are they put?

This ol' man is going to sleep and try again tonight. If you can
point me to some answers, that would be great.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Aloha => Beau;

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