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From Marco Scoffier <>
Subject Re: Configuration Setup
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2004 12:18:45 GMT
On Thu, Apr 22, 2004 at 06:46:35AM +0200, Gerald Richter wrote:
> Does make test work if you use the same Apache and same mod_perl and Perl?
Sorry if I seem dense.  If I build everything myself using the default
commands everything works.  But I feel there is something I am not
understanding with the module loading and my whole setup seems very
fragile, because I don't quite understand.  
> If you do a
> nm /usr/lib/perl5/auto/Embperl/
> does it list the symbol embperl_module?
When trying to use the debian packages, on two seperate debian
installations (one x86 and one ppc) nm returns :

  nm: /usr/lib/perl5/auto/Embperl/ no symbols

The libembperl-perl package for debian is broken? 

On the x86 computer I managed to compile Embperl, that version clearly
shows an embperl_module :

  0002445c T embperl_Init
  000284a0 T embperl_InitRequest
  00028888 T embperl_InitRequestComponent
  000427a8 T embperl_LibXSLT_Init
  00042460 T embperl_LibXSLT_Text2Text
  0002947c t embperl_LogStartReq
  0003cbe8 t embperl_merge_dir_config
  0007a800 d embperl_module
  0001f754 T embperl_OptionListSearch
  0002f954 T embperl_Parse
  0003009c t embperl_ParseSource
  0001ed9c T embperl_PathSearch
  0001f1dc T embperl_PathStr
  0003c8bc t embperl_PreExecute

but I get the same error when I try to load a version of embperl I
compiled myself into the debian packaged apache-perl : 
  Syntax error on line 27 of /etc/apache-perl/modules.conf: Can't locate
  API module structure `embperl_module' in file
  /usr/sbin/apache-perl: undefined symbol: embperl_module
I guess it was comiled against the wrong source?  Like kernel modules?


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