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From "Beau E. Cox" <>
Subject Documentation
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2004 21:46:11 GMT
Hi -

Please understand, I'm not trying to be rude. I understand that
most of us open-source folks have other 'real' jobs and time for
our real calling (open-source playing) is sometimes extremely

But I wish the Embperl docs were better, at least in a cosmetic
sense. For example, at least with my browser (Mozilla 1.7 on Linux
2.6.6-rc1 via kde 3.2.2), I have the following problems with
the Embperl website:

1) Some pages seem to 'get stuck' in <pre> mode. The page:

siwtches to <pre> after the mod_perl section, and stays there until
the Embperl_Object_Stopdir section. This takes all of the sections
caught in <pre> out of the index, and forces us to read raw 'pod'
format. At first I thought it was some minor syntax error in Config.pod
(extra space on a 'blank' line, etc.) but when I did a pod2html on
Config.pod in the distribution root, the resulting html file was

2) Sections not in <pre> that should be. When I look at:

the example httpd.conf VirtualHost is not <pre>ed and makes it almost
impossible to read.

3) Sections which are html shown as plain text. README.v2 at:

is show as plain text on my browser and is completely worthless online.
Of course, I can read it fine with emacs from the distribution root.

Errors like the above are _not_ a very good advertisement for Embperl.

So now that I have this off my chest, is there any way I can help?

Aloha => Beau;

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