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From "Beau E. Cox" <>
Subject Re: Configuration Setup
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2004 16:39:56 GMT
On Wednesday 21 April 2004 05:15 am, Derrick Spell wrote:
> Now I'm having problems with my configuration setup.  I put:
> PerlModule Embperl immediately after I loaded mod_perl.  However, by
> the time the config file gets down to my VirtualHost, it fails because
> it doesn't recognize the directives EMBPERL_APPNAME or
> EMBPERL_OBJECT_BASE.  I've already tried changing PerlModule Embperl to
> PerlModule Embperl::Object.  I also tried putting both of these
> PerlModule directives inside the VirtualHost block.
> Should there be a dynamic module library, i.e. to load?
>  From what I can tell, the make install did not load any such module
> into my apache tree.

Derrick -

Yes there is an - it's in the Perl lib tree and should be
loaded _after_ mod_perl. A snip of my httpd.conf:

LoadModule perl_module /home/test/usr/2.1/lib/apache/
LoadModule apreq_module /home/test/usr/2.1/lib/apache/
LoadModule cgid_module /home/test/usr/2.1/lib/apache/
LoadModule embperl_module \

Aloha => Beau;

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