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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject Re: Documentation
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2004 04:41:49 GMT

I know the problem with Configuration, I discovered ist recently, but I
didn't have time to fix it yet.

All these are problems of the way the website is generated from the POD
files. It uses the EMbperl POD syntax and this has some trouble with "<pre>"
content. It's on my TODO list.

I am always happy for any problem reports. That's the only way to make
things better and you are right these formatting issues doesn't shed a good
light on Embperl. Hopefully I can fix them soon.


P.S. You have asked how you can help. If you are not familar with Embperl's
syntax definition I guess it would be too complicated for you to fix it, but
it would be very helpfull, if you report me any problems you find on the

Beau E. Cox wrote:
> Hi -
> Please understand, I'm not trying to be rude. I understand that
> most of us open-source folks have other 'real' jobs and time for
> our real calling (open-source playing) is sometimes extremely
> limited.
> But I wish the Embperl docs were better, at least in a cosmetic
> sense. For example, at least with my browser (Mozilla 1.7 on Linux
> 2.6.6-rc1 via kde 3.2.2), I have the following problems with
> the Embperl website:
> 1) Some pages seem to 'get stuck' in <pre> mode. The page:
> siwtches to <pre> after the mod_perl section, and stays there until
> the Embperl_Object_Stopdir section. This takes all of the sections
> caught in <pre> out of the index, and forces us to read raw 'pod'
> format. At first I thought it was some minor syntax error in
> Config.pod (extra space on a 'blank' line, etc.) but when I did a
> pod2html on
> Config.pod in the distribution root, the resulting html file was
> perfect.
> 2) Sections not in <pre> that should be. When I look at:
> the example httpd.conf VirtualHost is not <pre>ed and makes it almost
> impossible to read.
> 3) Sections which are html shown as plain text. README.v2 at:
> is show as plain text on my browser and is completely worthless
> online.
> Of course, I can read it fine with emacs from the distribution root.
> Errors like the above are _not_ a very good advertisement for Embperl.
> So now that I have this off my chest, is there any way I can help?
> Aloha => Beau;
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